Why Am I Running for Senate?

Like many of you, the actions (and inaction) of our state and federal government have caused me great frustration.

The emergency powers that our Governor used to impose excessive rules and regulations during the Covid pandemic caused unjustified pain and disruption to us as individuals, business owners, school officials, teachers, students, and more. While this abuse of power falls at the feet of the Governor and the DFL, I fault our Republican legislators for their lack of support for constituents, and a lack of condemnation for the Governor’s abuse.

After the pandemic, our legislators have failed to agree on any limits to the emergency powers that our Governor wielded.

I hope to share other concerns and frustrations with you soon, but it is this building frustration with my own Republican Party that has compelled me to ask for your support in becoming your State Senator.

For now, I leave you with my beliefs about what a legislator should be:

I believe that our legislators should be “ordinary” citizens who serve their constituents for a short time. We should not have career politicians.

I believe that our legislators need to be people who represent us, the citizens that live in their district. We need legislators who will listen to us and defend our interests, rather than the interests of “experts” living in St. Paul or Washington DC.

I believe that politicians as a whole are NOT our best and brightest. Our best and brightest live in the real world where individual citizens make personal choices, earn a living, create, build, teach and discover. Too many politicians believe that they have the answers for all of life’s issues, and that they know better than us how our money should be spent. We need to get back to a government that protects and promotes freedom, while enforcing laws that prevent harm to others.

Based on my observations and my personal experience, our current State Senator fails to live up to these simple beliefs.