My Core Beliefs

This is not an all-encompassing list, and I hope to expand on these and other thoughts soon.

Make America Great Again is still a great goal and a great need. Donald J Trump was and is an imperfect vessel, but so are you and I. We need more like him who will prioritize the American people above all else.

Our government is too large and too intrusive. Our government should not use regulations, subsidies, and other means to determine which businesses and institutions succeed and which fail.

“Made in America” is great and should be encouraged, but need not be demanded. We should, however, make this demand: If our government actively prevents us from performing an action here – like drilling or mining, then we should not be importing those same items from overseas.

Slavery and other human abuse should not be accepted anywhere. We fought a bloody civil war to end slavery in this country. Now, we import many of our products from other countries that still enslave and imprison their citizens. This is hypocritical and should not be allowed.

Private citizens need to be able to defend themselves – and that includes the freedom to own guns. Uvalde Texas revealed to us at least one thing: We can’t depend on the police for our protection. The best they can do is respond in a timely manner, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

Any declaration of emergency by our Governor or our President should have a very limited time span. If an emergency truly exists, then acquiring a majority vote by both the House and the Senate should easily be met. If a majority does not agree, then the declaration should expire.