Brad Hutchison

Conservative and Republican

I proudly and confidently claim to be your conservative choice for State Senate in District 21.

I strongly support most all of the ideals that define the Republican Party. However, I do not support what I view as playing politics with your life and your livelihood. A good Government is a limited Government that seeks to ensure a safe and free society. That is what I will strive for.

My wife, Kirsten, and I moved to our current home just North of Mountain Lake, MN in 2013.

We are the proud parents of three beautiful and successful adult daughters.

When Kirsten began her current job as Principal and Superintendent of the Public School in Comfrey, MN, I was able to semi-retire.

My career was primarily spent between two very different fields of work. After graduating with a BS degree in mathematics from what was then called Mankato State University, I worked as a computer programmer/analyst in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.

Shortly after reaching our goal of moving out of the Twin Cities area, I began my second “career” as an “old” youth minister.

I am currently fully retired, but have worked to help my wife and the Comfrey Public School as a substitute teacher and a school bus driver.