Brad Hutchison

For Minnesota Senate 21

Have you noticed that most of the people who claim to be “pro-choice” are the same people who refuse to allow you to make personal choices in so many areas? I believe that you should be allowed to choose: Where and how your children are educated, what type of health insurance you want to purchase, whether to wear a mask or get a vaccination, whether to close your business or your church, what type of vehicle you drive, whether to own a gun, and much more!

Our government should limit our choices only when they cause a direct harm to others or their property. The group that traditionally claims to be pro-choice only seems to care about choice when it involves ending an innocent human life.

I am pro-life! I believe that an unborn baby is innocent and deserves protection. But this needs to come by helping individuals and changing societal views. Our laws need to be based on what we as citizens believe and agree to – and right now that does not include outlawing all abortions at all times. Most of us agree that we need limits on abortion. Let’s reach an agreement on what those should be – and continue to inform, teach, and persuade.